Learning differently


Curriculum-adapted courses for entry-level and K-12. Ideal for entrepreneurs and non-accountant professionals to acquire useful functional competency.; encourages mastery learning; numerous activities, quizzes, and exercises

Easy access

Available anytime, anywhere in any internet-enabled device; consistent with micro-learning trends to match one’s daily routine and lifestyle; easy enrollment and payment online or through thousands of payment centers nationwide


Effective with self-directed students learning at their own pace and style, increasing time for effective learning in an environment that captures the dynamics between a committed student and a competent devoted tutor.

Blended learning

Adapts to any syllabus in a formal classroom; ideal for blended learning and flipped classrooms, allowing more substantive discussion during live sessions.; frees valuable teacher time for mentoring, advising and remediation

Collaborative learning

Capability to form separate group with choice cohorts, independent of formal school program, even without teacher supervision; learning is just as effective; courses can be useful supplement to or substitute for inadequate instruction

Teacher resources

Access to rich resources for assigned teachers to facilitate transition to online learning, efficient classroom management, and student monitoring.; adapts online teaching tools to centuries-old effective learning theories

Yes. The courses cover the course guide and curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education, the Commission on Higher Education, and related topics in the CPA examination syllabus. Because courses are not constrained by limitations of time and space, additional materials are included to reinforce understanding of key concepts and principles.

The courses are ideal for students of accountancy in senior high school or freshman college. Advance students may benefit from the courses too, especially if there are gaps in basic knowledge needed for advance accounting studies. Entrepreneurs and non-accountant professionals will also find the courses useful in business or at work.

Each learner has a different pace and schedule. Some learn faster than others, depending on many factors. The run-time is a relative estimate of a course’s comparative duration considering all its elements (text, graphics, multi-media assets). It is not relevant to the learner, who has control over the time and pace of learning. Access to the course, however, is fixed at 30 and 180 days for short and full courses, respectively. The courses can be completed in less time than the access period.

Enrollment is easy. Courses can be selected from the Catalogue or the Enrollment area, both of which can be accessed from the main menu. The course is added to the shopping cart and checked out. At checkout, several payment options are available. Payment can be done through PayPal, G-Cash, online banking, or over-the-counter payments in several banks, and over 5,000 remittance and payment centers nationwide. Credit cards are not necessary for online banking and over-the-counter payments. Enrollment is instantly active simultaneous with receipt of payment, either online or at the money remittance counter.

Upon activation of enrollment, learner receives an email with instructions and a link to the enrolled course. Subsequently, the learner is automatic directed upon login to My courses page (also accessible from the main menu under Courses; visible only to registered and logged in users.). A resume button directs the learner the last point in the course where he or she left off in the last learning session. In the main course page, useful information is presented, like days remaining to expiry, time spent to complete the course, and total time spent on the course.

Yes. The courses are available 24×7 anytime, anywhere across all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone) and the popular operating systems (Windows, iOS, and Android), in any browser. Courses are fully responsive and will adjust to any screen size or orientation. The main course contents are accessible with JAWS screen reader and comply with applicable provisions of Section 508 and WCAG 2.0.

Yes, we have a refund policy provided the request is made within twenty-four hours of purchase. Since we offer a virtual product, there is no physical item that needs return or shipping. Please see the refund policy in our Terms of Service.

Request for support can be done by submitting a support ticket with information to help address the issue. The user will receive an email within twenty-hours of receipt of ticket. Ticket preparation and submission can be done from the menu, under My account > Support. There is no 24×7 support provided, although support tickets may be submitted anytime. Only registered users to a course may submit a support ticket.

Additional information can be requested by filling up and submitting the Contact form. A button is provided in the main menu to access the Contact form, or you can click here.

  • Easy enrollment and checkout; online or over-the-counter bank payment, more than 5,000 remittance and payment centers nationwide
  • Course availability anytime, anywhere in any internet enabled device​
  • Note-taking capability at the front end; ability to download or print own notes for later review​
  • Interactive quizzes and activities to test knowledge and recall of key concepts​
  • Online discussion for collaborative learning and building an online community​
  • Private one-on-one consultation with group leader, teacher, or subject matter expert; by appointment​
  • Access to scheduled live interaction, online group meetings, or webinars
  • Free downloadable E-Book at end of course for future review and reference​
  • Administrative tools for group leaders and teachers for class management and monitoring; detailed reports of student performance​
I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning.
Learning is beautiful.
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