Accounting Courses

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Control the way you learn at your own pace, in your own time and place.  Whether you are a self-directed student or part of a bigger group, learning can be personal, almost like having your own private tutor. It can also be a collaborative experience with other learners in a bigger, worldwide community. Learn accounting effectively, conveniently. It’s about time.

Knowledge Groups and Courses

Courses are structured based on an instructional design that draws on the principles of mastery learning. The knowledge grouping and course progression also consider the framework-based approach to learning accounting recommended by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


Underlying principles, concepts and theories of the accounting process

Accounting process

Accounting cycle; stages, steps and processes from recording to financial statements preparation

Financial statements analysis

Analysis and interpretation of financial statements for decision making

Supplementary courses

Relevant special topics, e.g., time value of money, special journals, bank reconciliation


Courses are offered under circumstances ideal for effective learning. These include availability anytime, anywhere, when you are ready and in the mood to learn. The time you need to learn will match the time available for learning.


Hundreds of interactive features, activities, and quizzes will keep you involved. You have full control over your pace and direction, to engage with content in the best manner, in your preferred environment, and time most convenient .


The courses are based on the latest content prescribed by regulations and are consistent with K-12, college accountancy curriculum, and the CPA examination. Concepts and theories necessary for a strong foundation are adequately covered.