Learning differently

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Start your journey to a rewarding accounting career with an enriching learning experience. Begin with a solid foundation and acquire the skills and functional proficiency useful in the workplace or in preparation for further studies.


The courses are consistent with a typical accountancy curriculum for foundation courses, designed to develop strong theoretical and conceptual foundations for further study or to acquire functional competency useful in the work setting. The principles of mastery learning are prevalent in the instructional design to enable learners to master each learning unit before moving on to the next. Courses include numerous activities, quizzes, and exercises.

Convenience and accessibility

Learning is more convenient with courses available anytime, anywhere in any device. With the internet as the ultimate populist tool, the courses offer a liberating alternative that is cost-effective and engaging. Courses are consistent with the latest trends in micro-learning to match one's daily routine and lifestyle. Easy enrollment and payment online or in thousands of payment centers nationwide.


A self-directed student can learn just as effectively with instructional design that captures the dynamics between a committed student and a competent devoted tutor. Self-pacing, increased time for learning, anytime-anywhere availability, and interactive content suit the learning style of many individual learners.

Blended learning

A full course is available to schools to supplement the course syllabus. It offers the advantage of asynchronous learning, increasing effective learning time. It is ideal for blended learning and flipped classrooms, allowing more substantive discussions during live classroom time. Teachers will have more time for engagement with students. Relevant statistics on student performance are available to the teacher for more effective follow-up and remediation. Click icon above to request details.

Collaborative learning

Five or more interested learners may register as a group. Except for the supervision of an official instructor and a formal grade, a group will have learning opportunities just as effective as a teacher-moderated session even without the guidance of a teacher, or despite the shortcomings of formal instruction. The group is part of a collaborative learning community where learning can still take place. Interested group may request additional information here. Click icon above to request details.

Teacher resources

No online course can ever replace the guidance and mentoring of a competent, dedicated teacher. The principles of effective instruction proven effective for centuries in traditional classrooms are still relevant in online teaching. Certain roles remain, although there are new tools requiring new skills. An assigned teacher or group leader has access to materials and information to facilitate the transition from traditional classroom to online teaching, as well as tools for effective classroom management and monitoring of student performance.

I don't love studying. I hate studying. I like learning.
Learning is beautiful.

Natalie Portman
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