Learning accounting is often difficult because of certain constraints. Among these are limitations of time and space. Furthermore, learning time is also limited to actual contact time between instructor and student. As a result, there is little or no time for consultation and clarification. Learning happens because of opportunity and commitment. Opportunity increases with availability, while commitment is inherent in the learner. Commitment, however, increases with motivation. Engagement, relevance, and effectiveness raise the learner’s motivation level and degree of commitment. Accounting courses that are available anytime, anywhere bridge time and space, and provide unlimited opportunity for learners to be part of a collaborative learning community.

Online accounting courses

Online courses benefit students in many ways. First of all, learners shall have the theoretical foundation for further studies. In addition, they will also acquire the skills to be employed in accounting-related work. In addition, learners will be part of a worldwide learning community. Furthermore, the courses are designed with plenty of exercises and interactivity. Consequently, the learners are expected to have an engaging experience for more effective learning. Most of all, the courses are available anytime, anywhere.


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