Build your future today.

Learn while you earn. There has never been a better time. Business and industry need you and have opportunities for you to earn your way to graduation and the CPA certificate.

Develop the skill sets for today’s workplace and build on them.

Continuous learning never stops even if you need to earn. Learn and earn your way to the CPA certificate and start earning,. The journey starts with learning the fundamentals. Work sharpens them and adds to knowledge. Go online and experience learning that leads to performance.

Learn from the comfort of home

Home provides a familiar and friendly refuge after work and school. The snippets of quiet time are perfect to catch up on lessons and learning materials. The self-directed student recognizes this opportunity for micro-learning, realizing that the knowledge learned will naturally add up without any conscious struggle.


The courses focus on essential building blocks, presented either as a full course or shorter ones, to suit the learning needs of users. They do not focus on a particular specialized topic but cover important concepts useful in all accounting work and learning situations and are keys to mastery learning.

A dedicated, competent teacher is irreplaceable. The incompetent and indifferent ones should be replaced. The ideal learning situation is one-on-one teaching between a tutor and a student. This is not often practical or doable in a classroom setting. Online courses can never replace a competent and dedicated teacher who will have the time for each student. However, the courses can replace an incompetent, indifferent teacher and will always be the better alternative, with the student learning more and effectively despite them.

The courses emphasize and discuss fundamental concepts and tools that apply universally to all accounting situations, knowledge of which prepare the learner for advanced concepts or apply functional skills for productive employment. Beginning accounting students will benefit from learning the essential building foundations. Experienced accountants will be guided by the fundamentals, while non-accountants will acquire functional competence. Students, non-accountant professionals, and entrepreneurs will find the courses beneficial.

Enrollment is completed upon payment and the courses are immediately accessible. There are several easy payment options available online, through mobile money transfer apps, online internet banking, or in thousands of over-the-counter locations nationwide. Upon payment, you are immediately redirected to the course page. You can start taking the course.

Courses expire and are longer accessible 60 and 180 days after enrollment for short and full courses, respectively. These periods are more than sufficient to achieve the learning objectives. Each learner has a different pace and schedule. Some learn faster than others, depending on many factors. The run-time indicated for each course is a relative estimate of a course’s comparative duration considering all its elements (text, graphics, multi-media assets). It is not relevant to the learner, who has control over the time and pace of learning. The access period continues to run until expiry date and is not dependent on actual access.

The course design adopts the principles and dynamics of one-on-one tutoring. The undivided attention of a competent tutor and a motivated student is the best learning situation possible. The online interaction between the course materials and a self-directed learner replicates this tutor-tutee relationship. Because of technology and the connectivity now available, the courses are even more effective if taken together with others in a community of learners. A typical cohort can be any number of students sharing common interests and learning objectives forming a group, even if they may be from different schools. Another cohort is a whole class accessing the courses through a school subscription to supplement the resources available to students. Click here to request more information on groups and school subscriptions. Discounts are available by arrangement.

Two standard discounts are automatically granted upon checkout. One applies to long courses available to groups of learners, organizing themselves or are enrolled in a formal class in connection with a school subscription. The discount varies with the number of learners in the cohort. The other is granted for a choice of any three courses in a single checkout. Other discounts are granted subject to certain conditions (e.g., discount based on e-mail domain, discount on subsequent enrollment after a certain number of courses). Click here to request more information.

We refund the fees paid for courses, no questions asked, if a learner cancels enrollment within twenty-four hours of payment and provided he or she has not completed any course, lesson, or topic. There is no refund if a course, lesson, or topic has been completed, or after the lapse of twenty-four hours from enrollment and payment,

To request assistance or raise a concern, go to the main header menu (Account>Support) and open a ticket. We will respond by email as quickly as possible within 24 hours from receipt of your ticket.