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Runtime 2.5 hours; Access period 60 days from registration date; Learners Accounting students, entrepreneurs, non-accountant professionals; Recommended previous course Introduction to Accounting; Recommended next course Business Organizations..

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The study of accounting’s history and development often receives little attention. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity for deep thought and appreciation of the past, its relevance to the present and possibilities for the future. Accounting has grown in stature and acceptance in a shorter period compared to other professions. Environmental factors and other developments accounted for this growth.


Always adapting to its environment, accounting is one of the most dynamic professions. Knowing the history of accounting can lead to a heightened interest in the profession and a keen sense of perspective of its future challenges and opportunities.

  • Identify significant historical events that influenced the development of the profession
  • Differentiate the development of accounting principles and standards from other professions
  • Assess the future of and challenges to the profession in the light of its history and development
  • Appreciate accounting as a distinguished profession in the service of society

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