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Runtime 1 hour; Access period 60 days from registration date; Learners Accounting students, entrepreneurs, non-accountant professionals; Recommended previous course None; Recommended next course Environment of Accounting.

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Learning starts with knowing what is to be learned. Accounting has several definitions. The course defines accounting in the context of service, information, and decision. These aspects have implications in the development of accounting standards, and the quality of reports. Accounting also has other characteristics and activities that distinguish it from other professions.


Accounting has other characteristics which distinguish it from other professions, and is defined in many ways, very often simply as the “language of business.” Indeed, accounting tells a story in a language all its own, that some definitions highlight the language behind the story, instead of why it is written.

  • Know the definition of accounting, and appreciate the importance of a proper definition as foundation for further learning
  • Appreciate the service perspective of accounting and its implication on quality and standards
  • Understand the characteristics of accounting inherent in its nature, processes, and activities