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How it works

Online learning has features different from traditional learning environments, principally in learner control. You have full control over the time, pace, and duration  you can dedicate to learning. Navigation is self-directed through intuitive user interface and you can move freely within the course. The courses cover typical content in existing school syllabus for accountancy, as well as selected topics in the CPA examination.  Although you can move from one learning unit to another in any order, learning will be more effective and enduring if you master a learning unit first before moving on the next.

Enrollment and payment

The course list displays all available courses. Once a course is chosen, enrollment is done from the enrollment area and payment can be made either through PayPal or over the counter in one of our remittance partner's over 1,700 branches nationwide, Enrollment and access to the course are active immediately upon payment.


Courses are accessible 24x7, anytime, anywhere in any internet-enabled device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The courses display in all browsers, and major operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS). They are fully responsive and adjust to any screen size, from desktops to smart phones. The main contents are accessibility-compliant and support Section 508 accessibility guidelines and WCAG 2.0 and compatible with JAWS 16 or later screen reader.


A self-directed learner with the right motivation and enough time can learn on his or her own. Learning may even be more effective if this is a collaborative effort with similarly motivated learners, under the guidance and mentoring of an equally committed teacher. Schools and other groups can subscribe to a full course and organize their own cohort.

School subscription

A full course approximates the content, sequence, and duration of a similar subject  in a regular classroom setting, but offers the additional advantage of asynchronous learning. This increases effective learning time and makes blended learning and flipped classrooms convenient to implement. The teacher will have more time for engagement with students. Relevant statistics on student performance are available to the teacher for more effective follow-up and remediation in areas needing the most improvement.

Group registration

A group with a minimum of ten interested learners, even from different schools, may form and register as a group, and be entitled to a progressive group discount rate based on the number of seats registered. Group members will have access to the course forums, post questions, seek clarification, participate in discussions, and have access to a subject matter expert, independent of a formal school arrangement. Except for the supervision of an official instructor and a formal grade, the learning opportunity is there.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Are courses consistent with prescribed school curriculum?

Yes. And more. The courses substantially cover the course guide and curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education, the Commission on Higher Education, and related topics in the CPA examination syllabus. Because courses are not constrained by limitations of time and space, additional materials are included to reinforce understanding of key concepts and principles.

Who should take these courses?

The courses are ideal for  students of accountancy in senior high school or freshman college. Advance students may benefit from the courses too, especially if there are gaps in basic knowledge needed for  advanced accounting studies. Entrepreneurs and non-accountant professionals will also find the courses useful in business or at work

What is a typical course duration?

Each learner has a different pace and schedule. Some can finish a course earlier than others, depending on many factors. While a course has a fixed run-time, it is not relevant because the learner determines how much time to spend on the course. Access to the course, however, is limited to 30 days for short courses, and 180 days for a full course. These are more than adequate time to complete the course.

How do we enroll and pay?

Enrollment is easy. Pick a course in the enrollment area, and add it to your shopping cart. Upon checkout, choose any of the convenient payment gateways available. You can pay through PayPal. You may pay directly through any of our remittance partner’s over 1,700 branches nationwide. You do not need a credit card to pay through a branch near you. Enrollment is active simultaneously with receipt of payment, either online or at the money remittance counter. Discounts are available under certain conditions.

How do we access the courses?

The easiest and most convenient is upon login. Once logged in, you will see your account page where you will find a list of all your enrolled courses and your cohort grouping, if any. Click on a course and you will be redirected to the point where you left off in your last session. You will need an active internet connection and be online to access the courses. Certain materials identified as such may be available for downloading and viewing offline.

Can the courses be accessed from any internet-ready device, or operating system?

Yes. The courses are available 24×7 anytime, anywhere across all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone) and the popular operating systems (Windows, iOS, and Android). Courses are fully responsive and will adjust to any screen size or orientation. The main course contents are accessible with JAWS screen reader, and comply with applicable provisions of Section 508 and WCAG 2.0.

Learn for performance and prepare for a rewarding career with solid fundamentals and conceptual understanding. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, professional manager, or one considering a career shift, you will find the courses relevant in school, business and at work. Learn with others through others in an exciting new community, in this classroom without walls, unrestricted by time or space. The future is now.

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Resources for Teachers and Group Leaders

Students will always benefit from the guidance and mentoring of a competent, dedicated teacher. Most of the methods and principles of instruction proven effective for centuries in traditional classrooms are still relevant in online teaching. However, advances in technology and new tools call for new skills. Certain roles have also changed, albeit slightly, different from the usual routines. To facilitate transition from traditional classroom to online teaching, a separate course about online teaching is available for access exclusively to those with assigned teacher or group leader role. Additional materials and readings are available in the online classroom.

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