Group registration

A user may buy several seats for a specified number of group members. Group registration is ideal for schools, or any other cohort interested in taking advantage of collaborative learning. Group registration is entitled to discounts ranging from 10% to 50%, starting with more than ten students. Anybody representing a school or group can register directly in the enrollment area, and manage the group after registration.

Buying seats

Go to Courses>Enrollment area and select the desired course. Group registration is available only for full courses. Here is a screenshot of the product page.


Access to group leader tools

When purchasing for a group, you are automatically designated as the group leader, with access to various administration tools to manage your group. Click on Accounting mentor online>Profile in the upper left corner, as shown in the following screenshot.

LearnDash panel

Manage your group through the Learning Management System panel by clicking on Profile>LearnDash LMS. Several items will be shown, all of which will be useful to the group leader. The Assignments, Gradebook, and Submitted Essays menus present information about student outputs and performance. Group Administration allows the group leader to do certain group management actions.

Enrolling users to group

You can enroll users in your group up to the number of seats purchased. Go to the main menu and click Features>Cohorts>Group purchase enrollment>Enroll users to group. You can import and upload users from a CSV file. A sample file can be downloaded from the page. You may also input the user details directly in the fields provided. Removing users from the group is coursed through the Site Admin for final deletion. This function is for group leaders who made a group purchase through the shopping cart.