How it works

Taking online courseOnline learning has features different from traditional learning environments, principally in learner control. The learner has freedom to move freely within the course, and choose the time and duration to devote to learning.  Navigation is self-directed through intuitive user interface, ensuring learner control over the pace of the lessons. In addition, the website eliminates clutter from unwanted and unnecessary content. Learners start the course immediately as soon as they complete registration from the enrollment area, which displays the available courses. The learner selects a convenient payment gateway upon checkout.

Online course content

Existing syllabus used in many college and high school accountancy programs,and selected topics in the CPA examination syllabus guide the content coverage of the online courses. The recommended order of courses follows a learning strategy based on the principles of mastery learning. Although the learner can move from one learning unit to another in any order, mastery learning discourages this approach. Instead the learner should first master the previous learning unit before moving on to the next. Course information includes recommended first or next course.


There are two types of courses in terms of their duration. Some learners prefer short courses on specific topics. They may enroll in these courses. Access to short courses expire in thirty days. The other type is a full complement of subject areas arranged in the recommended order of study. A full course expires after 150 days, about the same period of a school semester. Because it matches most schools’ syllabus, a full course supplements formal instruction effectively.


Self-directed learners studying alone, or a group of learners in an instructor-led class can learn just as effectively with the online courses. The site grants instructor privileges to regular faculty teaching a formal class whose enrolled students are also enrolled in the courses. With instructor privileges, the teacher will have access to valuable statistics about each student performance. The site also allows several learners to form a group of at least ten members and register as one group at the same time. In both instances, the site creates a separate and dedicated online group for each, where they may have private discussions.

Individual or group learners communicate, discuss, and interact with each other in a collaborative learning environment through discussion forums for each course. Subject matter experts moderate the discussions and clear issues raised in the forums.

  • Course structure, approach, and content
  • Consistency with Dep Ed requirements
  • Technology and learning
  • Strategic learning for accounting students