School subscription

The content of full courses adheres closely to the syllabus in most school programs. A full course approximates the sequence in a regular classroom setting. Because material is available anytime, anywhere, the courses offer the additional advantage of asynchronous learning, increasing effective learning time and improving opportunities for blended learning and flipped classrooms. The online course provides an opportunity for faculty to acquire new skills in online facilitation, and frees valuable teaching time, allowing more opportunity for engagement with students.

Relevant statistics of student performance (e.g., course progress,  quiz performance, time spent on each question, date and time of access, total time spent on the online course) are available to the teacher for more effective follow-up and remediation. Current faculty assigned to regular classes will be granted privileges of a group leader and have access to an online dashboard for real-time monitoring of student progress. Discounts are available for school subscriptions, starting with at least ten students.

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