Content and duration

Full courses

A full course includes the a range of courses necessary to acquire competence and thorough knowledge of a particular subject area. The content approximates coverage for a twelve-week period for a similar subject in a regular school setting. Full courses expire after five months. Because the materials and resources can be accessed anytime, and reviewed several times, effective learning time is expected to be considerably more than in a regular classroom. Individuals or groups can enroll in a full course, which schools can adopt as supplement to a formal classes.

The online facility creates separate groups corresponding to each class section from subscribed schools, with the assigned faculty also designated as online facilitator. The faculty gains access to student performance and statistics helpful in assessment of student performance.

Short courses

Taking short courses with mobile deviceA short course suits individual, self-directed learners needing little or no moderation. They usually have work experience or previous exposure to the material.  A short course is ideal for a quick intensive review of previously learned concepts. Others may also want course-specific access to match their learning pace and style. Individual students can enroll in a short course any time, and in any particular order.  The diversity of choices, differences in starting times, learning pace and habits are not conducive to group moderation or instructor-led activities. Consequently, course progress may not be the same for all learners.

It is also difficult to predict the shortest or longest amount of time necessary for anybody to learn the material. The topics covered by short courses take an estimated three to six hours of instruction in a live classroom. Short courses expire within thirty days from date of registration. Some learners take less time to complete the course, while others may take longer. After the thirty-day period the course will no longer be available. Short-course participants can join forums while course enrollment is active. They can take part in discussion and seek clarification or further explanation. Short courses are not available for group registration or school subscription.